Motivational Speaker, Author, HIV Educ​ator, Activist

LoLisa Gibson

"The Way I See It" is a book of hope, strength, faith, and courage. The day I received the book in the mail I could not put it down! While reading this book all I could think was wow how does she have so much courage to pour her life into a book and want others to read it. Lolisa is an inspiration to young adults. Her faith, commitment, strength, and ability to keep fighting for what she believes in is a blessing. I would recommend this book 100% to any and everyone who has dealt with similar issues in their life. I believe that Lolisa is just getting started and has so much more to offer the world and I can not wait to see! GREAT JOB!"
​~Dineise G.


"The Way I See It" is very real and heart warming. It gives the readera clear insight on Lolisa's past and the things she has endured making her who she is today. I'm surprised but at the same time proud that she was able to continue to be that beautiful spirit that she is dispite how the chips were stacked against her... I admire Lolisa's strength and the fact that she didnt give up when she had plenty of chances to. Lolisa is so young but so witty."
~Darren B.


" The Way I See It is an extremely emotional story. For Lolisa to have survived such an upbringing and become an accomplished woman is very inspiring and shows she is strong. To have grown up in the same neighborhood with Lolisa, which was not a very big one, and not realize or notice what her an her family was going through is surreal. This story is very real, and I can relate to a few of the struggles as I'm sure many others can. This book will give you the strength and drive to get through almost anything! It is very moving! Lolisa I commend you for not only your courage to tell your story but also for your strength. You are the epitome of a strong woman!"
~​Sada J.

 "I thought the book was very good some parts in the book hit my heart. The way Lolisa over came everything was very brave. I don't think i would be able to do that. I hope some day I can be like Lolisa."
​~Martina M.

"It's the realest auto-bio I have read! More because I can relate to the substance use in the family. Thank you for sharing Lo! You're all grown up!"
~Johnny G.