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The Way I See It is a story of both courage and determination, as it will inspire readers to stay focused on life goals and never take anything for granted.Life throws us all struggles, but Lolisa Gibson had no idea of the obstacles she would have to overcome in order to survive.Lolisa went from being the only girl and taking control when in the company of her younger brothers and cousins to dealing with the fact that most of the adults in their family were on drugs and learning to survive by sharing one slice of bread between the six of them.As you read through the years of Lolisas life you will see that with determination anything is possible. Even after finding out that she would be taking medication forever for something she never even knew existed in her world called HIV, Lolisa still aimed to help others.She never let this challenge or the one she faced with a minor physical disability stop her. Lolisas main focus was to help change the world.After meeting the love of her life and starting a family, Lolisa now involves the ones she loves most in the biggest passion she never thought she could have.



LoLisa Gibson

Motivational Speaker, Author, HIV Educ​ator, Activist