Growing up in the small city of Claymont, Delaware, Lolisa Gibson-Hunte enjoyed attending church, writing poetry, and a somewhat normal childhood. Early on, she became interested in child welfare and hoped to become a social worker or an advocate for causes related to child welfare. At this point in her life, she was oblivious to the fact that life had another plan for her. At the tender age of 17 Lolisa became ill and soon found out that she was HIV positive. Lolisa embraced this news as she had embraced so many other things that most people might have seen as unbearable obstacles. She decided to control her own destiny by taking the initiative to fully educate herself about this virus that she previously knew nothing about. 
From that point on, Lolisa has been on a mission to raise awareness about this epidemic not only nationally but internationally as well. Gibson-Hunte also vowed to teach her family and friends about the importance of HIV/AIDS education. After becoming a strong voice in her hometown, Lolisa began to travel the world and share her captivating story.
​Since being diagnosed over a decade ago, Lolisa has made countless public appearances and media features including POZ, POZ Focus, FADER, Real Health, Spotlight on Recovery, Ebony, ESSENCE, CBS' The Early Show,  MTV NEWS, CNN, VH1's "Im Married to A..." and One Hour of Hope. Now an award winning activist, Lolisa has been the subject of national HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns like the Campaign to End AIDS, Greater Than AIDS and GILEAD'S Catalyst Campaign.
​ In June of 2011, Lolisa's first novel- a self-published memoir titled The Way I See It was released to exceptional reviews. The goal of this publication is to inspire people who may be facing any type of trying times in life and let them know that anything is possible.
​Gibson-Hunte's story is one of strength and courage that anyone who has faced challenges can relate to. Though Lolisa has done more in her twenty-eight years of life then some people twice her age, she has no plans of stopping. With the launch of her publishing company, The Way I See It Publications, Lolisa hopes to write more books to inspire people around the world and also guide others who wish to write books as well. She is passionate about educating others about the importance of HIV/AIDS and hopeful that this epidemic will one day come to an end. Lolisa resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two children who are all HIV negative. 


Motivational Speaker, Author, HIV Educ​ator, Activist

LoLisa Gibson